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A cybersecurity startup
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protection space

From Optimizing Webinars to Unifying Marketing and Sales: A Strategic Journey for Cybersecurity Impact

Marketing Services

  • Strategy (collaborative sessions with all departments to integrate diverse perspectives into a cohesive marketing strategy)
  • HubSpot/Salesforce integration
  • Revenue operations (ensuring departmental synergy and effective lead progression from top to bottom of the funnel)
  • Content strategy (SEO optimized)
  • SEO and Google ads
  • Marketing automation and reporting for lead capture, nurture, and conversion



Conversion Boost

Achieved a significant increase in webinar conversions, enhancing audience engagement, content effectiveness, and website traffic.


Marketing and Sales Integration

Unified language, optimized HubSpot/Salesforce integration, and streamlined workflows, ensuring seamless coordination between marketing and sales teams.


Automated Lead Nurturing

Implemented automatic lead nurturing for brand/problem aware leads, extending the reach of sales efforts and maximizing engagement by 25%.

A cybersecurity startup in the personal data protection space recognized the potency of its webinar series, which was converting leads to opportunities at an impressive rate.

Desiring to optimize and scale this successful program but constrained by limited internal resources, the company sought an external agency to collaborate with. Highly recommended by cybersecurity leaders, Be the Buzz (BTB) emerged as the ideal partner.

Over an impactful six-month collaboration, the company and BTB not only optimized the webinar program but also advanced marketing and sales integration, and implemented effective automated lead nurturing practices. These initiatives collectively solidified a collaborative partnership that transcends conventional agency-client dynamics.

Under the strategic guidance of Be the Buzz (BTB), engaged by the Director of Marketing, an in-depth evaluation of the client’s strategies and processes unfolded. Tactical Evaluation of the Webinar Program

As affirmed by the company’s Director of Marketing, "We were impressed with the depth of industry expertise that BTB brought to the table. Their seamless integration with our processes and team made the evaluation process not only insightful but also incredibly efficient. This collaborative effort not only drove a remarkable 36500% increase in website traffic from the previous month but also resulted in a 20% boost to engagement levels.

The meticulous focus on participant engagement, content relevance, and overall user experience during our live webinar was instrumental. Tactical adjustments were strategically implemented to augment the immediate impact of the webinar initiative. Furthermore, Be the Buzz fine-tuned our overall strategies, leading to the generation of multiple qualified opportunities and marking this as our best-performing live webinar to date."

Transitioning from Tactical Adjustments to Strategic Integration

Building on these tactical improvements, the next phase focused on aligning marketing and sales more closely. To ensure a seamless journey for leads through the funnel and eliminate friction, the initiative began with a comprehensive analysis. This analysis unveiled disparities in terminology between marketing and sales, highlighted gaps in lead paths, and identified areas for improvement.

The optimization process involved unifying terminology, mapping diverse lead paths, and implementing enhancements through automation, refined lead scoring, and targeted nurturing campaigns.

The transformative impact was evident across the organization. The refined webinar program saw improved conversions and added value for participants.

Simultaneously, marketing and sales alignment reached new heights, with technology integration and unified workflows ensuring sound reporting and strategic decision-making. The success of the collaborative effort positioned BTB as an integral part of the company's team, capable of addressing both tactical and strategic challenges.

According to the client’s Director of Marketing, "Our collaboration with BTB wasn't just about refining campaigns; it was about securing the human connection in our digital marketing efforts. In a landscape with numerous options, ensuring that your agency possesses deep industry expertise, understands your Ideal Customer Profile (ICP), stays abreast of the latest digital trends, and is genuinely invested in your success is paramount. We found that partner in Be the Buzz.”




Director of Marketing, Optery

“Discovering Be the Buzz (BTB) turned out to be a game-changer for me as a cybersecurity marketing leader at a startup. Their influence wasn't just about optimizing campaigns; it was about building meaningful connections at scale, all atop an integrated digital marketing strategy. In a field as competitive as ours, finding an agency like BTB that not only deeply understands your market but also passionately supports your vision is priceless. A significant part of this success can be attributed to Miad, among the most strategic minds I've encountered. She has assembled a team of unparalleled experts, each excelling in their craft, embodying a level of expertise and commitment that's exceptionally rare. With BTB, we didn't merely hit our immediate objectives; we laid the groundwork for sustained success. Hands down, I will work with them again!”

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