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Strategic Integrated Marketing Approach Drives Nearly 7X Increase In Gross Profit for Cybersecurity Company

Marketing Services

  • Strategy (collaborative sessions with all departments to integrate diverse perspectives into a cohesive marketing strategy)
  • Buyer persona identification
  • Revenue operations (ensuring departmental synergy and effective lead progression from top to bottom of the funnel)
  • Content strategy (SEO optimized)
  • SEO and Google ads
  • Digital and physical events
  • Influencer and partner marketing
  • Marketing automation and reporting for lead capture, nurture, and conversion



Enhanced Sales Process

By streamlining sales processes and implementing enhanced data alignment and sales enablement tools, we achieved a 5% increase in closed-won rates in the first 6 months, resulting in improved efficiency and revenue.


Omnichannel Success

Over the course of five years, we orchestrated omnichannel marketing programs that drove gross profit growth
from $3 million to $20 million, demonstrating significant revenue increase.


Inc. 500 Achievement

Our sustained business growth led to the achievement of becoming the second fastest growing company in California, securing a spot on the Inc. 5000 list for three consecutive years.

An early-stage cybersecurity company offering a comprehensive Security Program Management Suite and an Automated Assessment and Task Management Tool, alongside professional and managed services, launched its marketing efforts with a sole focus on physical events.

The CEO terminated the digital programs and lost faith in the general discipline of marketing. But he knew that the company had to bring in more leads, close more deals, and generate more revenue. He was aware that in-person events alone would not create enough demand for the company to hit its growth targets. And he understood that all the go-to-market (GTM) functions needed access to the same data to enable better, more informed business decisions to move the business forward.

“The CEO of this cybersecurity company previously had underwhelming marketing experiences that yielded minimal results,” said Miad Moussawi, CEO for Be the Buzz. “Just as a single instrument can't capture the full richness of a symphony, individual marketing tactics cannot harness the full potential of a brand. Effective marketing requires a symphony of strategically orchestrated elements, all working in concert to create a resonant and lasting impact.”

The cybersecurity firm recognized the need for an expert to navigate its marketing voyage and enlisted Be the Buzz’s expertise. Delving deep into the company's innovative software solutions, the team quickly grasped the intricacies of the Security Program Management Suite and the Automated Assessment and Task Management Tool.

The Be the Buzz team also delved into the world of the client’s target personas, unearthing their preferences, reading habits, and digital footprints to create a marketing approach that resonated on a personal level. Recognizing the firm's infancy in the public eye, the primary focus was cultivating brand awareness and trust. While physical events remained a staple in their strategy, Be the Buzz refined the approach, selectively pinpointing events that positioned the CEO amongst key cybersecurity influencers.

Networking wasn't just about making acquaintances; it was about cultivating powerful partnerships. Be the Buzz dedicated itself to forming bonds with industry partners, aiming to position the cybersecurity firm as a top referral by those who influence decisions.

As the brand began to establish its presence through these physical touchpoints, it was time to elevate its digital identity. “If our target audience was going online to search for a solution to their problem, I wanted this company’s website to be the first one they visited and read,” said Miad.

Be the Buzz’s revamped digital strategy encompassed a holistic SEO overhaul and meticulously managed Google ad campaigns, with realistic goals and expert oversight.

Integral to this digital uplift were persona-based nurture campaigns, carefully crafted to address the specific issues faced by readers, providing them with high-quality content that was both informative and solution-oriented.

When the CEO witnessed the tangible improvements, he fully embraced the expertise of the Be the Buzz team. "You have earned my trust," he acknowledged. "Now you can execute whatever strategy and programs you feel are appropriate.”

The team's next steps involved refining marketing and sales processes and increasing lead qualification precision. Be the Buzz set up an automated lead flow and follow-up process, complemented by a centralized dashboard for sales insights, which significantly improved deal closure rates.

“Online nurturing was extremely effective in helping this cybersecurity company close a lot of deals,” said Miad. “We developed segmented and personalized campaigns that focused on relevant topics such as new cybersecurity risks, regulations, and requirements, and geared them toward specific industries as appropriate, directly leading to increased engagement and conversions.”

The transformation was profound. Under the guidance of Be the Buzz’s new, holistic marketing strategy and program, the CEO witnessed firsthand the power of sophisticated marketing. Miad and her team executed an SEO program that elevated the cybersecurity company to the coveted first page on Google.

Their partner program became a dynamic source of opportunities, driving significant closed won deals. Through a blend of digital and physical marketing programs, solid results were consistently delivered. Furthermore, they orchestrated an aligned Go-To-Market (GTM) strategy, providing the cross-functional team with clear insights into stalled opportunities, enabling informed decision-making to navigate and eliminate friction, ultimately accelerating revenue generation.

The business metrics eloquently narrate the success story. With Be the Buzz at the helm, gross profit soared nearly 7-fold, surging from

$3M to $20M annually within a span of three years. As a testament to this explosive growth, the company not only made the Inc. 5000 list but did so for three consecutive years, claiming its position as the second fastest-growing company in California.




CEO of KoilSocial

“When working with BetheBuzz, I never felt like a client. As my right-hand person, Miad has personally helped me outline my product development life cycle and prepare for investor presentations with a thorough go-to-market plan. Her ability to read between the lines of any business plan to determine the most cost-effective, efficient way to move forward is uncanny. Not only that, she goes above and beyond – learning about the team dynamics to ensure everyone is working cohesively toward a common goal. I’ve never felt so empowered to take on the challenges of growing a new business than I have when working with Miad.”

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